We Studied Street Style, These 4 Handbag Trends You Must Follow in Fall

With each new fashion season, we are bombarded with new trends to shop for to update our wardrobes. We can’t all afford to buy an entirely new wardrobe four times a year, so what’s the easiest way to spruce up your outfit? A new handbag!

A new handbag can seem like a short-term indulgence when you spring for something designer, but when you really consider how far your investment can take you, a designer handbag can have long-term benefits. A designer handbag is a timeless piece that you can treasure for years and years, no matter which trend you decide works for you.

When you go to shop for a new handbag, there are a few tips to save you from getting overwhelmed. First of all, consider quality over quantity. A well-made handbag can last you for years, which definitely makes it well worth the money. That being said, don’t buy a handbag just for the label. Sure, some companies are known for their high quality, but a name won’t serve you as well as the actual style will. Know which brands are worth the price tag and which ones aren’t.

Secondly, consider what you need your handbag to do for you. Are you someone who just needs a couple credit cards, your car keys, a lipstick, and your phone? Or are you someone who needs to bring any and all essentials for the day so that you’re prepared for anything? Know your daily needs, and choose the trendy handbag that will actually serve you practically.

Now, how do you navigate through all the trends? It’s simple – find the bag that speaks to you personally. The bag that’s purposeful while also being trendy is the one for you. You’re going to be wearing your handbag almost every day, so you want it to be something that makes you happy while also being versatile enough to go with any outfit.

Speaking of the trends, here are some handbag trends you’ll be seeing in all your favourite shops this season

Bucket Bag

bucket bag 2018


A bucket bag typically consists of a somewhat circular, bucket-like handbag with a long shoulder strap that either zips at the top or has a drawstring to close. It’s the perfect, everyday handbag that can suit any style, any taste, and any lifestyle.

A bucket bag is a fairly modern handbag style made especially popular by designer Mansur Gavriel, who innovated the leather bucket bag into a style that many designers and boutiques have interpreted since then. His iconic leather bucket bags are buttery soft and breathtaking, but you can definitely find a bucket bag in any price rang.

You’ll love this style of bag if you have a fairly laid back, casual style and are looking for a handbag that is easy to carry pretty much every day. A black bucket bag is the perfect handbag that’ll work wonders for your style. For example, a Michael Kors bucket bag in black is a handbag indulgence that will serve you for years to come.

bucket bag Danse Lente Shearling Bobbi Bucket Bag

Danse Lente, Shearling Bobbi Bucket Bag ($470)



Staud, Mini Moreau Bag ($295)


Staud, GRACE BAG ($295)


STAUD Grace Bag

staud grace bag

Be prepared for wedding season or a fabulous night out with the evening handbag that trumps all other evening bags.

The very popular STAUD Grace bag is a variation of a bucket bag, with a small circular body and a rope-like straps. There is also a cord closure to ensure your items don’t fall out of the bag no matter how hard you tear up the dance floor.

You can find this STAUD Grace tote in beautiful, saturated colours and elegant materials such as a rich satin and supple velvet.

Even though the Grace bag is a little bit fancy, you can definitely make it versatile and wear it with a casual outfit. Imagine the statement you’d make with a Grace handbag beside a plain white tee and dark jeans!


Staud, Gracebag ($250)


Staud, GRACE BAG ($275)


Staud, Grace Bag ($250)


Staud, GRACE BAG ($250)


Belt Bag

belt bag


That’s right – the fanny pack is back, but with an updated, stylish twist. You’ve probably seen your favourite celebrities rocking this trend, and wondered how they could make something that used to just be for dads look so chic. Thankfully, designers are using luxe fabrics, cool patterns, and unique shapes to transform the belt bag into something you won’t be embarrassed to wear.

Maybe you’re the type who doesn’t like carrying around handbags, but you still need some sort of receptacle to bring your essentials with you. The belt bag is a perfect alternative for that.

A belt bag is the perfect accessory to bring with you when you’re shopping and want to be hands-free. Just simply pop your credit card and phone into it and you’re good to go! The belt bag is also a great option for events, such as concerts or festivals, so you don’t have to worry about a big, bulky handbag that makes it difficult for you to dance the day away.

If you really want to indulge in a belt bag that’ll truly turn you into a style star, a Celine belt bag encapsulates just how beautiful this trend has become.

MZ WALLACE Mini Nylon Crossbody

MZ WALLACE, Mini Nylon Crossbody ($265)

AQUA Medium Leopard-Print Belt Bag

AQUA, Medium Leopard-Print Belt Bag ($68)


Ximena Kavalekas, Carmen Python Convertible Belt Bag ($580)


Leopard Print Bag

leopard print bag


If there’s one pattern you should indulge in this Fall, it’s leopard. It won’t be hard – the pattern is absolutely everywhere right now.

A leopard print bag truly makes a bold statement against any of the basics or neutrals in your wardrobe. Pair it with jeans and a tee or a chunky sweater and you instantly have a chic, put-together ensemble.

Leopard can also be a fun way to experiment with pattern that you wouldn’t necessarily wear in your wardrobe. Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t know how to mix pattern. That’s fine – bringing in a leopard print handbag is a foolproof way to keep up with the trends without worrying about being a fashion fail.

Whether you’re a bargain shopper or love to save up for that truly special handbag, you can definitely find a way to incorporate one (or more) of these handbags into your handbag rotation to be a style star this Fall.

Martini leopard-print faux fur clutch

SHRIMPS,Martini leopard-print faux fur clutch ($245)

BIENEN-DAVIS Max leopard-print bag

BIENEN-DAVIS, Max leopard-print bag ($1,420)

Rag & Bone M/L Dwight Belt Bag

Rag & Bone M/L Dwight Belt Bag ($350)

ASHISH Sequin Classic Shopper Tote

ASHISH, Sequin Classic Shopper Tote ($640)

Complet Valery Mini Satchel

Complet, Valery Mini Satchel ($336)


Which of these handbag trends do you love the most?