Teeny Tiny Bags: Smaller is Better

Teeny tiny bags are getting trendy. From LV large garbage-looking bag in 2013 to Balenciaga’s micro-handbags of their newest collection in the Paris Fashion Week which were just over in last week, purses are being smaller and smaller.

From those catwalks in Balenciaga’s show last week, their handbags’ size seems way too small. You basically can just hold them with one little finger.

Balenciaga SS2019

Balenciaga SS2019 bags

Balenciaga SS2019 handbags

Balenciaga SS 2019

Source: VOGUE

Teeny tiny bags almost hit the whole Paris fashion week and makes fashion bloggers and editors keep talking about them. Not just Balenciaga, the tiny bag designs also appeared on Ottolinger, Jacquemus and Chloe’s shows.

Chloe’s new C bags which are with a big gold initial C logo are really attractive to us, although they are not as tiny as the purses at Balenciaga, the unique shaped bags still look cute as handbags.

Chloe SS2019