These 24 Sweater Dresses Starting at $69 Style Your Wardrobe

Many feel sweater dresses are annoying and can only help you to stay warm in winter which is not true. It is not an exaggeration to mention that today women are making style statements with sweater dresses. Today a sweater dress is the fashionable choice for a woman in winter. These dresses are designed exclusively to make winters exhilarating, colorful and fun.

Sweater dresses come in a variety of designs, patterns, colors and sizes for you to choose the one that best suits your personality and attitude. There are a few sweaters dresses colors which every woman wants in her wardrobe which include black sweater dress, white sweater dress, and a red sweater dress. In fact, a red sweater dress is a must to have in a woman’s wardrobe in winter. There are cowl necks for sober candidates and plungers for daring ones. That should not prevent you from trying other dresses such as crew cuts, slit sweaters and dresses with unique knitting.

Sweater dresses in the right combination with tights and pumps can make styles statements. But if you are tall, then just flats and jeans can be equally stylish. An additional cardigan in a lovely color can protect you from chilled breezes. Many women feel that sweater dresses are informal wear and cannot be worn to work which is not that case. A beautiful colored pair of leggings with sweater dress can turn it into formal wear. Oh, also don’t forget a trendy handbag! But the selection of color entirely depends on your choice.

You can dress fancy or casual with sweater dresses. While a knitted dress can help you to stay cozy throughout the winter without compromising on the style, a turtleneck sweater dress will make you look stylish and sophisticated. Here is the list of sweater dresses that are must to have in your wardrobe this winter.



UO Jill Turtleneck Sweater Mini Dress

Urban Outffiters, UO Jill Turtleneck Sweater Mini Dress $69

The UO Jill Turtleneck Sweater Mini Dress is super cozy and comes in four lovely winter colors; pink, red, grey and black. The long dropping sleeves and rolled in turtleneck keeps you warm, and the loose fitting of the dress keeps you comfortable.



Nanushka Canaan Turtleneck Knit Dress in Red

Nanushka Canaan Turtleneck Knit Dress in Red ($395)

The red turtleneck sweater dress from Nanushka is a modern, stylish and keeps you warm. The knit belt at the waist beautifully displays your hourglass figure in an elegant way.



MSGM contrast arrow sweater dress

MSGM Contrast Arrow Sweater Dress ($525)

A traditional Italian red sweater dress features a design with a twist. MSGM contrast arrow sweater dress is a beautiful loose fitting dress and features arrow in contrast color.




The Dani Sweater Dress – Aubergine ($190)

A premium wool/cashmere blend dress with luxurious large neck, adds versatility and a touch of sex appeal.



ICEBERG asymmetric knitted dress

Iceberg asymmetric knitted dress ($593)

Make a style statement with an Iceberg white sweater dress in wool with the ribbed pattern,, and asymmetric design knitted dress.



MRZ striped sweater dress

MRZ striped sweater dress ($500)

Give your body a sculpted and Stylish look with body-hugging striped MRZ striped sweater dress.



MILLY striped knit dress

Milly striped Knit Dress ($445)

A colorful, stylish and comfortable sweater dress from Milly.



Zimmermann Fleeting Bauble Dress

Zimmermann Fleeting Bauble Dress ($960)

A rose color fleeting bauble dress perfect for every occasion in winters.



Solace London Celina Dress

Solace London Celina Dress ($600)

Stay warm while being stylish with the long ribbed maxi dress in beautiful colors.



TSE Cashmere OTS Sweater Dress

TSE Cashmere OTE Sweater Dress ($750)

Effortless dressing with modernized cashmere sweater dress in black which is simple but made with the luxurious material.



SACAI turtle-neck sweater dress

Elegant, stylish and beautifully crafted blue turtleneck sweater dress is ideal evening wear.



Nº21 embroidered sweater dress

N 21, Embroidered Sweater Dress ($1,378)

Black sweater dress with embroidery is a designer masterpiece makes amazing party wear.



Opposing Striped Knit Dress

Opposing Striped Knit Dress ($129.9)

Fit and flare striped knitwear silhouette in bold colors perfect wear for all season long.



Roberto Cavalli One Shoulder Long Sleeve Knit Dress

Roberto Cavalli One Shoulder long sleeves knit dress ($1,760)

A luxurious blend of soft alpaca, silk, and cashmere is definitely a game changer dress apart from being cozy and elegant.



Prabal Gurung Kino Scoop Neck Convertible Knit Dress

Prabhal Gurung, Kino Scoop Neck Convertible Dress ($1,395)

Versatile and stylish convertible dress with fastening buttons at the waist for quick conversion of costume into a crop top to match the occasion.



Simon Miller Laurin Dress

Simon Miller, Laurin Dress ($490)

A long knitted shirt dress with beautiful black button details and slit has a polished look but is all-day wearable.



Free People Scotland Sweater Mini Dress

Free People, Scotland Sweater Mini Dress ($198)

Puffed sleeves pullover style mini knitted dress with a beautiful pattern on neck and hands boosts confidence while highlighting creative spirit.



McQ - Alexander McQueen Ribbed Midi Dress

McQ- Alexander McQueen, Ribbed Mini Dress ($445)

Make a standout style statement with the bold stripes and eye-catching details of the mini dress.



Victoria Victoria Beckham Draped Front Midi Dress

Victoria Benham, Draped Front Midi Dress ($445)

A chic style mini sweater dress displays minimal style but with a twist, simple yet stylish.



Simon Miller Wells Dress

Simon Miller, Well Dress ($230)

Catch the look of the passer-by with the vivacious ribbed knit dress in red.



C/Meo Collective Sculpt Knit Dress

C/Meo Collective, Sculpt Knit Dress ($170)

Bold print, premium fabric, and modern designs make the dress a unique and attractive piece of knitwear.



Bardot Tash Bell-Sleeve Sweater Dress

Urban Outfitter, Bardot Tash Bell Sleeve Sweater Dress ($99)

Stylish, comfortable with a relaxed fit made from cozy knit fabric is a fall essential.



Maison Margiela Mohair Sweater Dress

Mason Margiela, Mohair Sweater Dress ($21,270)

The oversized turtleneck sweater dress with extended long sleeves, dropped shoulders and front placed pockets is an attractive casual wear piece for winters.



Nanushka Canaan Knit Dress in Apple Blossom

Nanushka, Canaan Knit Dress in Apple Blossom ($408)

Sleek and stylish sweater dress with a turtleneck and a coordinating knit belt at the waist makes it a perfect evening dress.


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