Pencil Jeans is Outdated, Follow the New Jeans Trends

If you ask me what I will throw out from my wardrobe, the first thing I am going to tell you must be pencil jeans! I have to admit that this kind of tight jeans used to be trending for a very long time, but even classic items which we think will never be outdated, like pencil jeans,  can sometimes make us be tired of. Now the new trend is coming. From the latest fashion week street looks to photos on Instagram, you can find these new jeans trends almost everywhere.

Personally I enjoy relaxed jeans more than slim ones. I just feel suffocating with those tight pants which also make me worry about my fat on my thighs so much. So why cannot only relaxed pants exist in the world?! With straight leg jeans you will never concern about if you are fat or your leg is not straight enough in a pencil jeans like a model.

Straight Leg Jeans

On the other hand, I just figure out that straight leg jeans are more chic and better with many different kinds of shoes compare to pencil jeans.. Any kind of trending shoes in this season, like ankle boots, mules or even flip flops, you name it, straight leg jeans go well with it! Scrolling to find your next jeans!


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Pepamack inspired us that straight leg jeans with flip flops is a perfect look for the coming summer.

straight leg jeansPHOTO BY THE STYLE STALKER

While the weather is still chill, wearing a pair of ankle boots with the jeans is chic.

straight jeans lookPHOTO BY THE STYLE STALKER

Another option for my chic girls, mules with straight leg jeans!

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Baggy Jeans

What else you can choose if you want something more relaxed? Remember baggy jeans which had been popular among fashion bloggers for a while? Now they come back on trend with straight leg jeans. Not only can baggy jeans hide your fat very well but also bring you to the next level of fashion.

straight leg jeans lookPHOTO BY THE STYLE STALKER


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Mom Jeans

Certainly I have no idea why they are called mom jeans, but they do have no big difference with straight jeans and baggy jeans. They are also very comfy and homy, at the same time, chic. Check out these two mom jeans from ZARA’s new arrivals.

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A pair of blue mom jeans with a simple while T-shirt makes you a nice weekend!

mom jeansZARA, Mom Jeans (HK$299)

Too much blue jeans you have already? What about try something gray?


Featured image: @isitfashionitis