Learn to be a Parisian Fashionista from Taylor Lashae

Almost every girl had been obsessed with delicate French style for a while, or you are just like me who never give up on learning to be a French style fashionista. But the question is, who perfectly presents Parisian style? I would say, Taylor Lashae.

Let’s figure out what Parisian style really is first, and why so many ladies around the world are so obsessed with it. Parisian style is a very vague term. It is more like something in our head instead of a realistic thing. It is a feeling that Parisian girls give to us, not only the ways they dress up, also the ways they act. In one word, Parisian girls like to wear casual clothes in a delicate and elegant way. Pulling the collars down to show their sexy shoulders and necks, wearing pearls everywhere, and holding a slim cigarette with their slim fingers where a pretty ring on next to their red lips…Parisian girls acting elegance in such a easy and effortless way is exactly the thing that makes other girls are so obsessed with.

We all want to copy them, however, we cannot.

I am not saying that we should give up ( I will never give up on this..), instead, we should figure out the essences, or secrets which made Parisian girls.

In this case, I will suggest you to have a model who you can learn from, which is just like you learn business in your industry from your mentors in workplaces. So, for Parisian style, who can we learn from? I would say, Taylor Lashae, for sure.

This Taxes-born Parisian It-Girl has perfectly told you how to dress up like a real Parisian via her photos on Instagram. Her haircut, clothes style and even her look are all matched to the things in our head which is called the typical Parisian should be like. When my first time saw her photos, she reminds me of Natalie Portman, the girl in Leon, which was my best memory of France.

There are so many fashion icons with Parisian style out there, but learning from Taylor is a shortcut. In this post, I selected 5 looks of Taylor which me and my team think are the best models to copy, or to learn, especially for the girls who are at the entrance of Parisian style.

Look 1: Less is more

Taylor Lashae Parisian style


Not telling you to wear less clothes… One of the secrets about Parisian style is wearing as less different color as possible. Unless you are a top stylist, otherwise I suggest you do not wear more than 2 colors on you.

Boat neck t-shirtBoat neck t-shirt ($35.99)

Stripes printed trousersStripes printed trousers ($35.99)

Wool beretWool Beret ($29.99)

Geometric pendant necklaceGeometric pendant necklace ($25.99)

StevenSteven ($99)


Look2: Red Lipsticks and Black Berets



I call berets the top secret to be a French lady…Everything could look elegant with a beret, you will not look crazy even with massive hair… people would say: Wow, such a sexy girl! And if you look through those street style photos in Paris, most of them are wearing berets.

Red lipsticks:

Unlike the Kardashians,  Parisians are not really big fans of nude lips. They probably believe that red lips are a powerful weapon for every woman. The truth is, yes, they are damn right.

AYR,The Party Scene Jacket AYR,The Party Scene Jacket ($225)

Joe's Jeans The Crop Wide Leg Cords Joe’s Jeans, The Crop Wide ($188)

Janessa Leone Renee Beret Janessa Leone, Renee Beret ($155)

Stand collar t-shirtStand collar t-shirt ($29.99)

Self Portrait Petal Booties Self Portrait Petal Booties ($510)

Double chain necklaceDouble chain necklace ($29.99)

Mango, Hoop earringsMango, Hoop earrings ($19.99)


Look 3:  V-neck



The women with long necks always look more elegant than the others. Especially Parisians. But not all of them was born this way. What if you have a short neck, or, not long enough to be feminine? The answer is, wearing V-collar clothes, which can prolong your neck visually.

Mango, Bow wrap dressMango, Bow wrap dress ($59.99)

Mango, High heel bootsMango, High heel boots ($99.99)

Mango, Cat-eye sunglassesMango, Cat-eye sunglasses ($29.99)

Pearl detail metallic earringsPearl detail metallic earrings ($19.99)


Look 4: Vintage Sunglasses


Vintage sunglasses:

Especially cat-eye sunglasses add a big value to your Parisian looks. When we talk about Parisian style, mostly it is a combination of retro and modernness. The sunglasses is the retro part. But remember, do not wear big shaped sunglasses, the smaller the better.

Club Monaco Julie Turtleneck Club Monaco Julie Turtleneck ($39.5)


Leopard skirtLeopard skirt ($59.99)

Slingback heel shoesSlingback heel shoes ($59.99)


Le Specs Love Train Sunglasses Le Specs Love Train Sunglasses ($69)


Look 5: Silk Scarf


Another item for creating Parisian style! And the uses for silk scarf is not only warming your neck, also you can wear it as a hair accessory.

Printed satin scarfPrinted satin scarf ($19.99)


Heel leather ankle bootHeel leather ankle boot ($119.99)


Croc-effect bagCroc-effect bag ($49)


A.L.C. Kerry Shorts A.L.C. Kerry Shorts ($325)

Le Kasha Puglia Cashmere Sweater Le Kasha Puglia Cashmere Sweater ($795)


Metal ring setMetal ring set ($15.99)

Now… take these practical tips and enjoy being a Parisian girl!