Paris Fashion Week SS 2019: 5 Trends You Can Try In Daily Life

The Paris fashion week is over last week, which released the newest fashion trends and inspired all of those fascinates. Indeed, this fashion week did give us ideas for 2019 Spring, no matter African prints, bold shoulders or polka dots brought us fresh air.

We do want to talk about all of those new trends in next year, so we picked up 5 most inspiring trends which can be the ideas for your daily life.


1.Black is Back

Let’s start with this trend- Black. It is quite interesting to talk about, because given by those collections for Spring 2019 of big brands like Dior, Chanel and Guy Laroche, black is going to be the color of spring, instead of pink, yellow, green or blue.

Compare to other bright colors, black sounds too cool for warm weather. Designers used lightweight fabric, like lace, to make sure they won’t look sweltering when you wear them. On the opposite, transparent designs can make your skin breath well, and at the same time, they provide an elegant and sophisticated style.

chanel SS2019

Chanel’s spring 2019 collection appears black dresses are elegant and lightweight designed, highlights the curve of women’s body.


black is back


2. Bold Shoulders

Back to 90s, bold shoulders design was definitely a big thing when it comes to fashion. However, it is not surprised to see that this trend is back. Why bold shoulders? For women, strong shoulders look will certainly bring you confidence and high profile. Many celebrities like Princess Diana was a big fan of bold shoulders design.

During this Paris Fashion Week, designers from Chanel, Elie Saab and Balmain had brought this bold design back. Don’t forget to add one of them into your lovely wardrobe.

Balmain SS

Balmain SS 2019 Collection appears bold shoulders

3. Washed-Out Denim

Balmain leads multiple trends in this Paris Fashion Week. Except bold shoulders, washed-out denim was its another highlight. Also, except Balmain, Isabel Marant and Dior all has put this boiled denim into their Spring 2019 collection. One thing we released that wide shoulders and legs are used into washed-out design.

In any case, compare to normal style of denim, washed-out denim is another good choice for cool girls and perfect for casual wear.

SS 2019 washed out denim

Isabel Marant and Balmain (#4) SS 2019 collections with washed-out denim trend


4. Floral Prints

For sure, not every woman likes to wear dark colors during the time of spring and summer, because they are the seasons which suppose to be with flowers and beach! In this Paris Fashion week, Valentino, Dior and many other collections provided us more romantic floral prints ideas. These designs with different sizes of prints shows the diversity of creation from those talented fashion designers. Some of them like to add flowers onto dark backgrounds, others just like to use large floral prints with bright color. No matter which way, floral prints has made these dresses much more vivid. If you are not a big fan of black, why not try floral prints?

SS 2019 floral prints


5. Netting, Netting, Netting!

If you want to know which one can be the top trend in all of those fashion weeks, Netting is definitely the one you are looking for. From New York, Milan, to Paris, netting is everywhere. Forget jacket, jumpsuit and whatever you call it,  try this on! Chloe’s collection is bringing netting as the biggest handmade trend and add punk style in it. More or less, Dior and Altuzarra also showed their spirits for nettings. We bet you do not want to miss out this hot trend!

SS 2019 knit netting