Leather Trench Coat Is the Must-Have of the Season

If you asked us to pick just one fashion must-have of the season, we would be thinking for too long. It was obvious that a leather trench coat is the king of this coming spring..

If it wasn’t obvious during New York Fashion Week, when the time came for Milan, it was pretty much clear what is it that everyone will be wearing during this fall and winter – a leather trench coat.

Think The Matrix meets high-end fashion.

There are few materials which ooze sex appeal and edginess the way leather does. So think of the leather trench as a natural successor of the leather biker jacket.

If it worked for Penelope Cruise and Lady Gaga, why wouldn’t it for you?

Leather trench coats appeared on the runways of several designers. Tommy Hilfiger presented vinyl leather trench coats, while Lanvin, Vetements and Burberry all chose more matte versions of thin leather trench coats.

From Bottega Veneta, we got leather trench coats with a shiny top coat, while Valentino introduced soft, pastel shades, such as sugary pink leather coats.

It may seem to you that a leather trench is difficult to combine, but it works surprisingly good with various different outfits.

Add a bit of an edge to your daily style with these coats below.

Black Leather Trench

Black is the easiest color to combine with any outfit. Add leather to it, and you basically have a match made in heaven. Here are some options for you.

Go for this sophisticated leather trench which is delicate, yet edgy. It goes well in combination with different patterns, so you can have fun experimenting.

Choose the slightly longer version to add the drama to your everyday outfits.

Pattern Leather Trench

Want to be a fashionista in the streets? Try wearing a pattern on your beloved leather trench. It is also a certain way to get noticed in any occasion.

Check out this alligator faux leather trench coat. It roars on any outfit and will make you stand out from the everyday crowd.

Snake print on a leather trench? Why the heck not?! This trendy piece is a sure investment, as these trends never really go away.

Pastel Leather Trench

Who says that edginess can’t have a softer side? Here are some leather trenches to contradict that belief.

A soft pink shade of this leather trench will make you look like you’ve just come off Valentino’s runway.

Choose an oversized leather trench which will look like a really fancy dress as you strut down the street.