Attention: It Is Time to Wear Pastel Pink at Work

While the discussion about the best looks of this year’s Oscar gala is on fire, everyone has their own opinion. Not surprise, many audiences are saying that those actress’ gorgeous dresses on this Oscar red carpet somehow reminded them of that pink dress from Vivienne Westwood on  Kate Winslet in the Oscar gala, 1996. That was a stunning look. However, very few actresses are willing to wear pink, which is not a safe move in their stylers’ mind.

Not only on Oscar red carpet, also it is rare to see ladies wearing pink at workplace. Although many of them adore pink so much deep inside, everyone is avoiding to wear this color in professional environments. Pink is too sharp, who about pastel pink?

Notice or not, pastel pink, the color which can remind you of unicorns, Macarons and princesses has been trending since last year. No matter on Instagram or Pinterest, you always can see those Fashionistas wearing this color. And…they look pretty cute…

But it is not just for high street fashion style, as an office lady, wearing pastel pink at work in this spring also can give you a professional look. Also, compare to other dark colors, pastel pink items add extra femininity to you, which probably could help you to get closer to your co-workers and boss (don’t go wrong! you know what I’m saying!)

Then here is the question: How to wear Pastel Pink in workplace? Here are 3 ideas for you!

Basic: Suits is the safest

If you don’t know how to apply pastel pink into your looks like a stylist, or, you don’t even want to think about it.. then just try suits! Pastel suits are the safest and easiest way to be both fashionable and professional. And for the fabric, corduroy or anything crisp.

STELLA MCCARTNEY, single-breasted peak lapel wool blazer (HK$8,605)


pastel pink blazer

Wool suit blazer (HK$799)

YEEZY PVC sandals HK$7,371YEEZY PVC sandals (HK$7,371)

More advanced: Tone to Tone

Tone to Tone is a good way to stay fashionable. For pastel pink, you could choose red, purple, burgundy and so on. But remember: Don’t choose complicated designs!


oversize shirt

Oversize soft shirt (HK$499)

Flowy palazzo trousersFlowy palazzo trousers (HK$499 HK$199)

GUCCI fuchsia GG Marmont velvet wallet on a chain HK$11,050GUCCI fuchsia GG Marmont velvet wallet on a chain (HK$11,050)


top: Sweater With Tie Waist (HK$229)

skirt: Pleated Skirt (HK$299)


A bit tricky: Use different pastel pink items

Try to use different items in same color is another smart move. However, it can be tricky. So here are our suggestions: One, only two color can appear in your look: pastel pink and whatever (although we don’t suggest black). Two, the safest way is to use only 2 pastel pink items at the same time: clothing and accessories.

Striped long jumpsuit

Striped long jumpsuit (HK$659 HK$199)

GUCCI GG Marmont matelassé mini bag HK$14,000GUCCI, GG Marmont matelassé mini bag (HK$14,000)

DIOR EYEWEAR Dior Stallaire 4 sunglasses HK$2,925 Dior, Stallaire 4 sunglasses (HK$2,925)

JENNIFER CHAMANDI Pink Vittorio 85 patent leather pumps HK$5,184JENNIFER CHAMANDI, Pink Vittorio 85 patent leather pumps (HK$5,184)