Ideas for Fall Coats: 5 Best Classic Checks

We has already started to feel a bit cold after September. The temperature is reminding you that it is time to put on a warm coat. There is no doubt that the coat is definitely a must-have item for every woman in the fall and winter. It not only make you to spend this cold season warmly, but also perfectly shows your fashion taste.

If you’ve been blinded by a variety of coat designs, a classic plaid coat will definitely not go wrong.

Today, I will take you to have a look at the 5 best classic checks.

Prince of Wales Check

A fabric pattern interwoven with dark and light-colored wires, prince of Wales check was first born in England in the 19th century. It is a wool textile specially designed for the British landlord class who settled in the Scottish Highlands. However, what really makes this plaid fire is Duke of Windsor. It was the Duke of Windsor’s love and personal demonstration of the plaid jacket that made the Prince of Wales a global explosion. Another gift from King Edward VIII to the world is his clothing taste.

Prince of Wales coat, €119.99


It originated in Scotland (but not Scottish) because it is named after a hound tooth or other poultry. The French called it pied-de-poule, which means “chicken claws.” Houndstooth, also known as the houndstooth pattern, is made up of tiny patterns. Because it is especially like the traditional Chinese paper crane, it gets its name.

Houndstooth coat, $149.99


Vichy is based on the white background, and the strips of the same color are equally spaced, and the superimposed parts are darker in color, so the square grid pattern of three colors is presented. It is popular from summer to autumn, with a lot of color in addition to black and white, very fresh.


Buffalo checks

MONSE, $2,350

Argyle checks

ATTICO, $1,438


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