How Often Should You Reapply Perfume?

People can close their eyes before greatness, before fear, before beauty; they can not listen to beautiful melodies or deceived words, but they cannot escape the taste. Because the taste is the same as the breath.

 Patrick Süskind, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Many people know the famous saying of Ms. Chanel – “The woman who does not have perfume has no future”, but in reality people tend to ignore the other side of the matter, that is, “the woman who sprays excessive perfume has no future”! So how often should you reapply perfume seems to be a very simple question, but it is quite complicated to get a clear answer. We want to keep others smelling the perfume while avoiding excessive spray.

Applying perfume in the morning will last for a whole day?

Generally not. Perfume is not designed according to the amount of volatilization throughout the day. If you want to keep your aroma all the time, it’s best to re-apply it in 3~4 hours.

How long should a bottle of high-quality perfume last?

The retention time of the fragrance will vary depending on the person’s skin. In general, high-concentration EDP can last for 4 to 5 hours, and Eau de Toilette EDT and Cologne EDC will last for 3 to 4 hours. If it is applied on clothes, the duration will be much longer, but the spread will be worse, which will not be worth the candle. Therefore, if you want the perfume to work, it must be sprayed on the skin.

Although some good perfumes last for many days, even more than a week, the diffuseness of the perfume at that time is already very low, and it is only a residual back tone, which can only be smelled when the nose is close. It is won’t help you in normal social occasions.

The lasting time of perfume is related to skin quality

Since the chemical composition of some people’s skin will make the perfume molecules evaporate faster, which means the skin has abandoned the perfume. Although an EDT usually lasts for 3 to 4 hours, it may evaporate at 3 times or 4 times on the skin. Maybe it has no taste for 1 hour. The acidity of the skin is the culprit. If it has a sharp and irritating taste when you lick your wrist, it means that the skin surface is acidic. The higher the acidity, the higher the volatilization rate.

The same is true for drugs, which may change skin chemistry. Low-calorie diets, stress, spicy foods, junk foods can affect the body’s temperature and make the skin evaporate perfume more quickly. People with dry skin and pregnant women will also suffer from this situation. This is why many people will complain that the perfume is not durable enough.

Dry skin people should re-apply perfume more often

Since dry skin does not retain perfume molecules for a long time like oily skin. The solution is to apply some lotion to the skin before applying the perfume. This protective film will make the perfume last longer. Use body lotion or body cream to moisturize your body will reduce the rate of evaporation and doubles the durability of the fragrance. Or after the bath, you can use the perfume body lotion before water runs out, and then gently apply the perfume.

Sweating can also affect the effect of perfume

When your body heats up, the perfume molecules will evaporate faster from the skin. It causes stronger smell of perfume, but it will disappear soon. The chemicals in the sweat also affect the chemical balance of the perfume.

How do you know if the perfume is applied too much?

The people who can answer this question are the friends surrounding you. This is because that after a period of time, the persistent smell will make people feel paralyzed (for example, if a person stays in a room for a long time, it will paralyze the diffuse smell in the room). The same is true for the perfume on our body. When we are immersed in our own perfume, we may mistakenly think that the perfume has no taste, so many people spray a lot of perfume, but they can’t feel it. Necessary shackles.

In this case, you can only know if the perfume is too strong through the opinions of friends and family. If someone often praises your perfume, it means that the concentration is appropriate; if someone only asks what perfume you are using, but does not evaluate it, then you should be careful.