Celine Letter necklace, Say My Name!

Necklaces are always the best jewelry choice for showing our personal styles. Take a look at the Fashion Weeks of this year, the letter necklace is back. After customer necklace, letter necklace is really being a big thing.

About two years ago, fashion idols like Bella Hadid and Kendall Kardashian used to be a big fan of customer necklace. Kendall had worn the BFF couple letter necklaces with Cara and Gigi- CaKe and KenGi. Therefore, this kind of customer letter necklace was being like storm hitting the whole fashion industry, even Princess Kate had made herself one.

However, two years later, we got inspired by people with street style during this fashion week- a large letter accessory which brings a bit bad-girl style.

Celebrities and fashion icons are so obsessed with letter-designed accessories. The reason is quite simple: Letter Accessories can be the best statement of their owner’s fashion taste, spirits, or even unique personalities. Just like what they want- Say My Name.

Among all the best sellers, Celine’s letter necklaces have been the top choice for most of fashionates. When you check your Instagram, you notice that every fashion blog has one large letter necklace which was from Celine.

Compare to those long necklace chain designs, the length of Celine’s letter necklace is perfect- just reaches your clavicle. With this length, a large letter wouldn’t be too much.

Also, we know Celine always like to use gold for their jewelry and accessories. But don’t worry, although the necklace looks big, it is not heavy and practical enough to wear. It is just so cool to wear an unique large letter in front of your chest.



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