Bubble Umbrella: Stay Fashionable in Rainy Day

Even in rainy days, I bet you still want to look stylish. What is your idea? Except a pair of shining rain shoes, umbrella is also a necessary accessory of fashion.

A good umbrella must be high quality, protect you from rain and wind, and stylish, for sure. Bubble umbrella has all of those advantages. In this New York Fashion Week, we could see those transparent umbrellas everywhere with those supermodels. So, it may be the time to buy yourself a new umbrella. Also, even Queen Elizabeth II seems like a big fan of bubble umbrella.

Shop Our Picks of Bubble Umbrella:


totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella, $24

HAOCOO Cherry Blossoms Clear Umbrella $15.99

totes Signature Clear, $19.99

Becko Stick Clear Canopy Bubble, 19.99

Becko Stick Clear Canopy Bubble Umbrella, $19.99


Feature image source: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/umbrella-everywhere-york-fashion-week-173405871.html